About BolSHE – Am BolSHE

BolSHE was created by women, for women.

BolSHE was founded in February 2020 by Alice Eklund. As a creative community, we have a wealth of incredible women who create, collaborate and champion the industry. We wanted to create a collective that represents all kinds of women’s voices in and from Wales.

We call ourselves a collective, because BolSHE isn’t just orientated around one discipline. Creative women are everywhere. They make theatre, art, music, designs and more. We want to celebrate that in everything we do.

BolSHE is about being bold, unapologetic and heard. Be a part of this ever-growing collective and let’s make noise, together.

Click the pictures below to find out more about our core BolSHE team!

Alice Eklund – Founder/Sylfaenydd
Gwenan Bain – Associate Artist
Tori Lyons – Associate Artist

Why ‘women’?

Following a really insightful article by Angelica Poversky (link below).

We at BolSHE want to insure inclusivity to everyone in our collective. When we first started we used the word ‘womxn’ in the hopes of being as inclusive as possible. We now understand that that can be exclusive to people and have decided that ‘women’ is the best way forward.

We are always learning, and appreciate that if anyone has any questions or issues that we welcome that conversation.

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