Tori Lyons

I’m a Welsh actor and writer from Aberdare, South Wales. I started my professional acting career at 17 with a small part in a short film called ‘Lovectomy’ by a wonderful group of Valley’s men who created ‘Like an Egg Productions’. I have worked with ‘Like an Egg’ throughout my career – most notably in the Manic Street Preachers music videos for the ‘Valley’s Trilogy’ – where I played Meryl/Ziggy. ‘Show me The Wonder’ went on to win a Q Music Award for ‘Best Music Video’ – quite the achievement for my professional co-lead debut! Proud moment!

I started in musical theatre, graduated to feature film, short film, theatre, Bollywood (no, really) and now writing and creating my own work. I currently work with BBC Wales under the BBC Sesh social media platform, creating original comedy sketches that focus on political issues. I am also currently writing a short film about domestic abuse in the Valleys, as well as my first full length play around the topic of mental health.

I’m interested in challenging this industry and I want to be a part of female story-telling, of narratives that we need to hear, whether that be as an actor or as a writer. I focus my work on issues surrounding the working class, mental health, feminist issues and largely Wales based story telling.

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