A banner with blobs, smudges and dots in nude shades. A picture of Alice, BolSHE's founder; she's a white woman with glasses, purple hair and she's giving a big cheesy grin.
The words say 'Welcome to the new BolSHE' by Alice Eklund.

Welcome to our shiny new website!

When I set BolSHE up back in February, I never expected that we’d be here. BolSHE started as a place for me to platform and share stories of creative women that I admired. It’s now grown into a beautiful collective that platforms so many wonderful women in and from Wales, and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

Even though Wales is a small country, when it comes to its creativity, it’s endless. However, I think it’s time that the women in our creative industry get the platform that they deserve. So many things go unnoticed, whether that’s down to not being in a place of authority, not being in the spotlight of the big cities, or simply just allowing other people to take credit. The women we have in our industry are viable, strong, bold and BLOODY BRILLIANT. I’m so grateful to have a community of incredible women around me that continue to astound me every day. Their bravery, strength and talent is unstoppable.

As part of our rebrand we are introducing a BUNCH of new features:

BolSHE Beats that will platform musicians, BolSHE Bubble will be Wales’ own women-led collective hub for opportunities/questions/chat and the like! BolSHE Buzz is our rebranded monthly newsletter which will feature guest interviews and all things BolSHE.
Have an idea and need to talk it out, find some help etc? Break It Down with BolSHE.
Or do you have a new project that needs SHOUTING about? LAUNCH it with us!

As always, every Wednesday we’ll be featuring a kick-ass woman for #WomenCrushingItWednesday. Find all the amazing women we’ve featured so far here!

We’re really looking forward to welcoming even more incredible people into the BolSHE family, so get involved today!

Stay safe, stay BolSHE.
Alice xox