Alexandra Lewis

11th March 2020

“I’m Alexandra Lewis (or just Alex, Alex is fine. Alexandra is what I put on the bottom of posh emails yanno?) and I’m from Llanrumney in Cardiff!

The work in Wales I have been involved in over the years has varied from working with the Welsh Musical Theatre Orchestra to doing the Young Artists Festival with The Other Room and most recently being a part of Tori Lyons‘ first BBC Sesh Comedy script! I like to get involved in The Other Room’s ‘Seen,’ when I can as well because I love working on new writing and working with directors and other actors to make a writer’s idea tangible and real for the first time. All of the great writers in our time have had to start somewhere, and it’s exciting being at the very beginning of that process and watching something grow.

Being a part of ‘Sex Education’ was a genuinely incredible experience. It was my first time (wink wink) on a big set and I felt really lucky because I was on home ground and knew someone working with the filming crew and everyone was welcoming and lovely. It also means I finally have some show reel footage which I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise (#WorkingClassLife). I do get stared at now though, in that ‘Do I know you from somewhere?’ way and I even get recognised on dating apps!

Is that appropriate to say? Oh well. I’ve said it now.
Being a female creative in and beyond Wales for me means filling the gaps and helping make room for more strong female led stories. For me, there aren’t enough womxn in comedy and there’s a huge gap in the market that is hard not to see. And that’s way I’m grateful for Swipe Right Theatre‘s Tashi and Kerrie. Two (very funny) women have written and produced a very successful comedy show that I get to be a part of and that’s what it’s about. Showing the babies and veterans of the industry that it can be done, and done brilliantly.

Next up for me is the spring tour of ‘Scream Phone.’ The five star Edinburgh Fringe hit is on the move once more! It’s a comedy horror 80’s spoof musical, I mean, what’s not to love? I’ve been part of the show for over and year now and it is honestly joyous and I wish everyone could see it. Follow Swipe Right Theatre for updates! We will be adding more dates to the tour soon!

@swiperighttc //

I feel most empowered when I get to see shows my friends are in or proudcing. It’s so inspiring to watch and I feel such a huge sense of pride, and that’s what drives me. There are too many to name, but most recent was seeing Lu Corfield (Friend, previous tutor and fellow Welshie) and her company ‘House of Pride’ hosting Lov(h)er, an evening of poetry, music and dance dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community.

…And for any casting directors around, here’s my spotlight link!

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