Alexandria Riley

13 May 2020

“I’m Alexandria Riley from Newport, South Wales. I’m an actor/writer. I work a lot within Wales and my writing is very representative of my voice and the community I come from.

Being a women in the industry is important to me as I feel I’m part of a community of people who still need to be heard. Especially being of mixed heritage too. We are making baby steps but there’s still a way to go. So representation is very important to me. We will be heard.

I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was old enough to talk! It’s a dream I’ve chased for some time. I just adore exploring different themes and “playing pretend” if you like. I love people watching! So getting to portray all different types of people is so enjoyable and fascinating. I also love the freedom of expression acting and writing allows.

Going into any new project my main focus and goal is “truth”. I have to know everything about the piece, the character and the situation in order to give the most honest and truthful performance possible. I just think it’s what we, as actors, owe the writer, ourselves and the audience. Same goes with writing. I set out to keep my voice natural, genuine and unapologetically me.

I think the biggest challenge as a woman in the industry is still stigma. I feel as women creatives, we have to “prove” our ability and talent a touch more before being taken seriously. It’s a longer journey. But a journey that we are smashing!

I’m working on several writing projects at the moment. Two for screen and one for theatre. I’m also completing my placement with BBC writers room. A crime drama I filmed with Luke Evans called “The Pembrokeshire murders” will also be aired on ITV early next year.

I also have my Sherman TEN/DEG monologue coming out this week! So check it out over on the Sherman’s website and socials!”

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