Alis Gwyther

23 September 2020

“Haia!! I’m Alis, I’m from a small town in West Wales called Lampeter and currently living in Cardiff. I am the owner of ALIS.KNITS – a Textile Designer with a love for colour and bold prints!

My brand is all about positivity and being an uplifting, inspiring brand. Through knitting, embroidering and laser cutting all kinds of lovely colourful and ‘stand out of the crowd’ pieces.

It’s important to me be a creative woman in Wales to help younger people and other creative girls from small villages/towns (like myself) not to be intimidated by bigger city titles. I’ve always been surrounded by strong and creative Welsh women, that have inspired me to keep going and not to doubt my own ability. So I hope I can do the same for other young women.

I always dreamed of having my own brand but never actually believed it would ever happen. When I was in my final year of University, I named my graduate collection “The Aspirational Millennial” and it sort of fell into the start of my brand. I started to sell some of my laser cut Perspex jewellery that I made for my collection and people started to buy into the brand. They loved the aesthetic and it slowly grew from buying a pair of earrings to a bucket hat and so on. My confidence just grew as I started to notice how much people loved my brand.

I released my ‘Gobaith’ jumpers a few months ago, for which the response has been amazing! I didn’t really think much about it to be honest! I’m a Welsh speaking designer so I wanted to create Welsh embroidered clothes to match my knitted accessories. It’s SOOO important to be true to yourself, and not to be afraid of doing things your way. People are walking around with ‘bonjour’ quotes on their jumpers so why not have a bit of Welsh going on!!

My Welsh heritage empowers me the most about being a creative Welsh woman as I explore both old and new knitting techniques in all of my designs. The textile industry in Wales is historical with all of the old Woollen Mills that used to be in full force here – and those items are still loved. Being passed down generations. And I hope that the pieces I have made by hand are loved just the same.

I’ve had a few situations where I’ve met people and they’ve not really taken me seriously as a business owner. Specifically, as a young creative woman, I’ve been introduced to some people and before even asking what I do, they ask me how old I am. Which is kind of rude, and if that happened 2 years ago I’d probably run away with my tail between my legs, but I’ve really grown in confidence since starting ALIS.KNITS. People will come and go but as long as you are doing what you love and you are true to yourself. Who cares what other people think!

I have just moved out of working from my living room and have my own little studio in my flat, so that’s super exciting! I’m really looking forward to organising more pop up shops and meeting some of my lovely customers and chatting to them in person! I’m so grateful for how much my brand has grown in the past few months, but I am super excited to really work on Knitting some snazzy new bits for Autumn / Winter!”

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