Amy Normanton

22nd April 2020

“My name is Amy and I’m from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. I’m 24 years old, a Mum to Oliver (4) & Morgan-May (3). I married my husband Lee last year in Ibiza (I always have to get that in because I want to relive the day soooo much!). I’m an Instagram Manager & Coach but I’m also a Positive Influencer on my personal platform.

I feel so passionate about what I do and my industry because I don’t believe Wales gets enough good credit for the people or the opportunities. I love being asked where I’m from because when I tell others ‘Wales’ I get the response that they were never expecting it & I never understand why .. but I’m always proud!

I had my own business at 19 years old, which I ran solely on social media. Through that role I developed my love for Instagram and passion for teaching others how to monetise the platform through attraction marketing, story telling & building brand awareness. I just loved the fact you can connect to anyone within seconds, anywhere in the world. Social media has always had a bad reputation and I’ll be honest, I never had an easy time on there when in school but I’ve been passionate about turning Instagram specifically into a positive, empowering and inspiring place to be!

It’s empowering to know my children are watching me. I had my son at 19 when I had no secure job but my husband had found his dream job and loves his trade, I felt the only thing I’d ever accomplish in life would be being a mum. But knowing they are watching me just motivates me and empowers me to keep going and build an incredible life for them. I suppose I was put into a stereotype group when having babies young and I didn’t want to just be ‘Mum’ all my life. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but to me I had so much passion and power in my tummy and now I’ve found what I absolutely love to do. I’m enjoying the process of empowering others to get up and find their ‘thing’ too.
Women who have been written off by so many in life have so much potential and all they need is self belief or a nudge from someone to give them that boost … I believe my personal Instagram content does that for so many! Words can have a huge effect on others, I’m focussed on using positive ones to empower others to step into their power, one grid post at a time I suppose you could say …

What’s next? Oh, so so much! My new website is launching TODAY actually and so is my membership (The Social Xo Society). It’s a paid community for women entrepreneurs or creators who are wanting to be visible and powerful on Instagram. I’m offerings monthly workshops, discounts on services, mindset training, downloadables and more. It’s an exciting turning point in my business and something I’ve enjoyed focussing on whilst in lockdown. It’s been hard with both children at home and my husband at work as an essential worker but I’ve been running on pure adrenaline and iced coffees! So much to come this year!”

Find Amy here:
Instagram: @amynormanton @thesocialxo
Facebook: Amy Normanton The Social Xo

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