Atlanta Swannack

“My name is Atlanta Swannack and I come from Ynyshir, Rhondda. I’m a Video Editor for a production company based in Pontypridd called ‘Like An Egg Productions’, who work on a number of different projects across Wales!

Being a bilingual woman in the creative industry has been nothing but helpful in my work. On a basic level, it has allowed the company that I work for to expand their clientele and accept more projects due to being able to create an entire Welsh language video. I find that it also makes you stand out from the crowd, it seems second nature by this point in my life but being able to communicate with people in a second language is amazing.

We do a range of videos across the country and some people feel more comfortable in being able to convey their story in their day-to-day language and it’s a pleasure to be able to help them do that.

Being a woman editor in the industry has been difficult at times; if I ever end up on a shoot a lot of people tend to assume that I’m a receptionist or just somebody doing work experience. I think this is because I work with 3 men, and when we turn up as a team people automatically divide us. However, I’m quite lucky in the sense that the men that I work with are always ready to correct people and make my abilities clear to them.

The project that I’m most proud of would be the first short film I’ve edited in its entirety. It’s called ‘My Favourite Place’ and it was written and directed by Kristy Philipps. It’s a film that takes you on an unexpected emotional journey and explores a range of different themes in such a short space of time. That one isn’t in public domain yet but another project that I’m proud of is the BBC Horizons programme that I got to work on last year, it showcased a number of talented up-and-coming musicians from Wales as they played in festivals across the country and recorded a track in the notorious Rockfield Studios.

Next for me and for the company is the festival circuit, we’ve been submitting ‘My Favourite Place’ as well as another short film ‘The Arborist’ into a number of festivals so here’s to praying that we get some wins!”

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@atlantalouise96 & @likeaneggpro

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