Bex Betton

6 May 2020

“I’m Bex, a Scriptwriter and Arts Manager now living in central Cardiff, with a secret Somerset accent that appears after too many ciderrrs!

I love writing and creating for just about any medium or gaming platform. In the past year, I’ve worked on a range of unique projects, from live audio performances to Virtual Reality games.

I’ve often been the only woman working in a team, and I consider it my responsibility to prove that women are capable of doing just about anything! The stories I tell as a female creative are far from my own, they are the result of the support and inspiration of the many wonderful women around me.

Scriptwriting really goes hand in hand with who I am as a person; I’m always questioning things and I love understanding people on a deeper level, but for me, the most important aspect is the collaboration opportunities that come with being a Scriptwriter. My best work does not come from writing multiple drafts alone in my room then slapping a ‘completed’ script on someone’s desk. I want my writing to be a product of multiple people’s experiences and creativity, so I’m always keen to have it read, performed and reviewed at its very early stages. The best part of my job is sharing my work and seeing it performed/made as it comes to life.

Working in the games industry happened by accident. I didn’t play many video games growing up so a career in games didn’t seem like an option for me. Though, everything changed when I decided to help a friend by writing a short script for their game. Writing for games is still very much a developing area, this has given me the space to work out my own process and place within a team. My favourite thing about writing for games opposed to other mediums is that I often get to create several different options for one scenario, which makes sense as in real-life we don’t all pick the same things!

I believe a key challenge for emerging creatives is crossing the gap between graduate and professional. It can be very difficult to stand out and be taken seriously in such a busy industry. Bridging that gap often involves learning from unpaid opportunities, which can be fantastic, as long as you ensure that you are looking after yourself properly whilst doing so.

I’m currently the sole Ambassador for Women in Games in Wales, which is an absolute honour to say the least. My role as an Ambassador is to support women in understanding the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, this entails creating my own resources, performing talks, and running events that connect and empower women. My inbox is always open, so if reading this article has made you even the tiniest bit inquisitive about working in the games industry, please, please, please drop me a message, I’d love to have a chat!

As a female creative, I feel I’ve been given a platform to support and empower other women. Every project I work on, I try to take steps towards creating an industry free of gender-discrimination. Even seemly small acts, such as encouraging colleagues to use more inclusive language brings us a little closer to achieving this goal.”

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