20 January 2021

“Hello, my names cupsofte, also known as Te. I’m from Cardiff in Wales but originally from Devon in England. I have been a known poet for a year now.
My involvement in the creative arts is words and poetry, creating pieces of art for people to find as well as creating spoken word pieces performed in person and on music.
For me personally, I hold a lot of love for lots of ladies in Wales, they have helped me to open up and become the poet I am today. I work closely with a group of ladies called ‘Ladies of Rage’ who have shown me so so much love. As well as helping showcase and support the long array of talented females in Wales, LoR have shown me how important it is to help pave a way for all the amazing young females that are yet to be!! It’s really amazing to be apart of something like this.

Writing has always been a huge passion of mine. I have been writing poems for as long as I can remember. I was a very quiet kid, so being able to write gave me a voice that I could use to express myself. I stopped writing in my teens but started again when I got my heart broken for the first time, looking back it was great because it fuelled some of my best poetry. 

Getting together with other artists to sing, share poems and come together creatively empowers me the most. I can’t describe the feeling. But it’s so beautiful being supported and cheered for by a room full of people who actually care and feel your heart. It’s the same feeling I get when I come together with the Cardiff music scene, there is so much love and support in Cardiff right now. I think that’s the most empowering thing to me right now, everyone is on the come up. 

The biggest challenge for me, is learning to break stereotypes of being a black female creative. I’m learning now to be heard in a room full men and be seen when I’m the only black person. I’m learning to step out of comfort zones and not let things like the male gaze continue speaking for women.

No drugs just poems is a small poetry project I set up to speak about things I believe in. I try to share relatable and loving poems. No drugs just poems are all hand written by me put into small bags for people to find.

My own experiences, friends and relationships shape a lot of my words. I love writing notes aimed for one person and hopefully others can find comfort in these words too.

What’s next for me? That’s a good question! My main focus is to continue making art that pleases my soul, to find more ways to connect my art with people and be more confident to speak out more. I’m learning how the inside drives the outside.”

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