Delyth Evans

20 May 2020

“My name is Delyth Evans and I’m a Set and Costume Designer, currently based in Cardiff.

Being a woman creative is Important to me as I think we need to carve a path in the industry that welcomes more people in. A lot of my early jobs were very male dominated teams which can be super tough, and I think a lot of us young designers often spend years feeling like we have to prove ourselves.
I’m also from a working class background, which is something that is now super important to me as I’ve sadly realised the lack of class diversity in the industry and so being able to work both in and out of Wales is wonderful and I feel super lucky for that.

Drama and art were a massive part of my education, probably the only two subjects I really put much effort into. I had an EPIC drama teacher at A Levels who taught me a lot about theatre and I definitely owe her a lot. I was also super lucky to have my older brother drag me along on day trips to see some incredible theatre when I was younger, those trips really carved my love for theatre and design. Shows from companies such as Headlong and DV8 really showed me how powerful design could be and how it can impact an audiences emotions in a single moment. But I don’t think I really knew it was a job until I saw an advert for a theatre design course in the programme for Propellors ‘Midsummers Nights Dream’ and it just made perfect sense for me and then I guess it just fell into place.

Every project brings on a new challenge and each one has been so different, I’ve done a few shows in London with very small budgets and that’s always tough to conjure a world with very limited resources and support. But my biggest challenge was probably designing for The Other Room‘s ‘The Violence Series’, I don’t think I’ll ever get a job like that again to be honest. Designing what became a multipurpose set for three shows for three different directors, and then to take it all on tour was absolutely mad. But it was such a joy and it was super special as a designer to spend a good few months in one building, with the same people, and the whole team were incredible and established and just made me want to up my game every single day.
I love working on new writing, it’s wonderful to be the first person that visually brings a play to life and discover the world on stage. After a year of mainly assisting it was absolutely wonderful to delve myself into the world of the series and I think it really helped me grow as a designer.

I love working in Wales, I am super passionate about making Welsh work innovative and above all accessible, I think we should be breaking down the doors to invite people into our theatres who wouldn’t normally step in. We have the power to tell untold stories about the world and make people leave the theatre thinking and perhaps discover a thought or an idea that they didn’t have before, and I think that’s really special. The Cardiff theatre scene is also absolutely lovely, everyone I’ve met is so supportive and there’s a real sense of togetherness which I don’t think you get anywhere else!”

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