Eädyth Crawford

29 July 2020

“I’m Eädyth and and I’m an electronic soul pop music producer, singer songwriter and I come from Merthyr Vale South Wales.

I’m a performing artist/musician who produces bilingual Welsh/English electronic soul pop. I also collaborate with other musicians and I also have an interest in experimenting with various different genres.

Being a woman and a creative, I think with the challenges that women have to face and with the challenges that creative women have to face. I have had to learn how to be stronger working in this type of industry. I can feel proud of what I’ve achieved and know that I’m the person who has created my success through resilience and hard work. There’s so many challenges, one of those being the lack of representation for creative women. There has been a change in the past few years but finding parity in the music industry has proven hard.

I have always had an interest in music growing up and have been singing competitively since the age of 4, entering the Eisteddfod and other singing competitions. As I grew older its something that has stuck with me and I have built a career out of my music!

The inspiration for my songs come from nature, past experiences and the challenges of life. I love walking and I live in between amazing mountains which I walk up everyday. The valleys and the mountains inspire my music.

Being a black woman creative is what mainly empowers me. I’m proud of who I am and where I have come from. Moving to wales at a young age and being put through Welsh language schools has also been something that has empowered me and especially with my music. Being able to use the Welsh language when creating music is something I find magical!

I have loved theatre since I was in secondary school and to have the opportunity to work and create music for plays has been really exciting, it’s been great learning more about theatre work and working with talented actors, producers and directors.

What’s next? More music! I have so much going on over the summer. More releases, more collaborations and more projects that I’m really excited to be a part of!”

You can find Eädyth’s work here:

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