Fay Summerfield

25 November 2020

“My name is Fay and I am a Welsh Photographer currently living in London. I moved from Cardiff to London when I was 18 to go to Drama School.

I am involved in the arts through photography. I mostly shoot portraits – so, actors headshots and also portfolios for models and other creatives. I also shoot Weddings and Couples shoots, but have had to put that on hold this year due to the lockdowns.

Being a Welsh creative woman is important to me because it’s a big part of who I am and I have lots of memories of being in the creative industry in Wales – I was part of NYTW for a few years running, the Sherman Cymru theatre group for many years and a few choirs for most of my childhood! I feel proud to be representing Welsh women in this industry. I try to come down once a month to Cardiff to shoot headshots and I love connecting and working with Welsh creatives.

So, why photography ? After graduating Drama School, I felt I had some work to do to find myself again – which sounds a bit airy fairy but Drama School is tough! It takes some time to re-adjust to life. One day, and I remember it so clearly, I was shooting my boyfriend on my iPhone around august 2016 on a rooftop, getting some pics for his instagram (he’s a singer/producer). I was directing him and taking pics from different angles and when I finished, it hit me. I really enjoyed taking photos! The next week I managed to get a second hand canon camera, it was about £250 and over four years later, here I am. I’ve always felt it was meant to be and that I’ve been training to do photography my whole life. I love being a positive part of a creative’s process- getting your pictures done can be daunting and nerve-wracking; I know that from first hand experience! So I pride myself on offering a chill and friendly photoshoot- what’s the point if you’re not having fun.

I am so proud of my Welsh heritage, especially in a place where I am often reminded I am different. The Welsh lilt in my accent , the way we say, ‘thanks drive’ when getting off the bus, the instant connection I feel when meeting a fellow Welsh person in the land of London!! I feel empowered to be a Welsh woman- we’re strong and fearless.

My biggest challenge as a creative woman is being respected as a young female photographer. When part of big productions, my ability is often questioned. I’ve had to learn to be super tough and confident. On some shoots, I’ve had to side-step the question of my age so I’m taken more seriously!! So that’s a challenge for sure.

What inspires me most, is when I have a client who says they hate having their picture taken and I say ‘Challenge accepted!’ So it’s that moment when we are shooting and a client looks at their pictures and can’t stop smiling. I like to capture people’s individual beauty and charisma. When a client leaves feeling empowered, beautiful and happy with their pictures and confident to take on the world – that’s when I feel most inspired and to continue doing what I do.
With everything going on at the moment, I think it’s best to go with the flow and not to plan too much. Just to get through 2020 is a challenge in itself!”

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