Katheryn Siggers

8 April 2020

“I’m Katheryn Siggers, although everyone calls me Kat and I’m originally from Gravesend, Kent.

Interesting Fact: The famous feminist Pocahontas died in Gravesend. In commemoration of her wonderful life, the Wetherspoons has been dedicated to her. We like to keep things classy.

I originally started my career as an actor, but now I just call myself a creative. Mostly because I want to do it ALL. Although acting will always be my first love, I have to grown to love so many aspects of the arts, which in turn means I can work in the arts on a more full time basis. I now consider myself an actor, director, podcaster, voice over artist, production assistant, researcher and editor (I’m sure I’ve missed some out, but you get the gist).

Being a woman creative is important to me because we are still not equal to men in our industry. I think a lot of people get confused with the meaning of feminism, it’s not that we want to be better than men, it’s that we want to be EQUAL to them. That’s why we have to have women only theatre companies and shout about things such as International Women’s day, because we are still not equal and if we don’t keep standing up for ourselves, we never will be equal.

I feel the creative scene in Wales is booming with places like The Other Room and the Sherman Theatre (to name but a few), who are putting on such meaningful and inclusive work. It makes me really feel part of something special. The sense of community we have in Cardiff astounds me. The kindness I have received from the arts community has been amazing, the way people so willingly and generously give you advice and cheer you on instead of dragging you down. That’s the kind of environment I want to work in.

I started ‘Off Script with…’ because I was getting frustrated that there weren’t enough opportunities for people to network and share skills. Especially as an emerging artist, it can be difficult to know where to start. Therefore, I wanted to create something that incorporated this idea of networking and sharing your knowledge with others. We have so many amazingly talented people working within the creative industry in Wales and I wanted to elevate them and give them a voice. I also wanted to give emerging artists a pool of people who they could connect with and give them the insight and knowledge to feel more confident going into the industry.
I want anyone (regardless of whether you’re in the arts or not) to be able to listen to ‘Off Script with…’ and take a valuable piece of advice away about working in the arts industry. Oh and be entertained, because lets be honest, that’s the best part about our jobs, we get to bring joy to people on a regular basis.

Sometimes being the only woman in a room of men can be intimidating. The more I move into directing, the more I see how male dominated it is, especially within the film/tv sector. Don’t get me wrong, men are great and I have collaborated with some amazing men in my time, but we need to balance it out and learn to work together on more equal grounds.

Working at Wordley has been great, I have a new found respect for the production team and I will always appreciate their jobs whilst I’m on set. They work bloomin’ hard to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone else and truly deserve more credit than they are given. Wordley has allowed me to understand the film/tv side of the industry and I have picked up incredibly valuable skills from working there. Currently, I am working as a researcher but I have learnt so much more than that. I have been working closely with the post-production department and have learnt how to edit footage. I have been working alongside the directors, who have given me a wider knowledge of directing for film/tv and who have really encouraged me and given me the confidence to pursue my career as a director further.

In light of the current pandemic, I’m not sure what is next for me. It is a time of uncertainty for everyone, but what I can say for sure is I am so glad that we have art during this time. Everyone seems to be turning to it for some comfort at the moment and it makes me proud to be working within the arts industry.

Off Script With… will be doing some extra special episodes very soon. Our first guests will be the folks from Sofa Stage Wales. We are still planning on re-launching as soon as we can with a brand new series, full of new guests, new subjects and whole load more knowledge. Our relaunch will also see us re-brand with a sparkly new logo… WATCH THIS SPACE.”

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