Mali Ann Rees

30 Sept 2020

“I’m Mali Ann Rees and I’m from Cardiff. I’m an actor, writer and activist. 

I have always been a creative since I was very little but saw very few people who looked and sounded like me on television and in the theatre so it took me quite a few years to realise that I could do what I was mainly doing as a hobby as a real job. I now strive to tell the stories that would’ve meant so much to me growing up and also speak out on the need for diversification in the Welsh industry.

I think my biggest challenge is knowing when to speak up and when to not. As an actor it is often difficult to speak freely, especially as a woman and a minority. It’s taken me a few years to find my voice but feel like there is a responsibility to do so for the good of the next generation. 

I’ve always loved performing, I did a lot of dance growing up, contemporary and Hip Hop, and nothing could beat the adrenaline rush of show day. I joined Everyman Youth Theatre at 12 years old and spent every Sunday playing improvisation games ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ style and generally being silly. I have so much to thank for my time in that youth theatre, it built my confidence up and was the reason I ended up applying for drama school. 

Collective tenacity. One needs a thick skin to be a woman in the creative industry and every woman I’ve worked with has been inspiring and strong willed in their own way. That’s what empowers me.

My highlight over the last few months  has been writing my Audio play Bratiaith for Sherman Theatre. I’ve been writing for a few years in secret and I’m just so glad that I’ve made a step in getting my work actually heard by other people. Terrified, but I think terror drives me. 

Over the last few months I have been doing quite a few radio plays and sketch shows as they seem to be easier to produce with social distancing and all that jazz. So keep your eyes peeled for release dates on my socials. I will also be appearing on Y Sioe Fwyd on S4C, so if you fancy watching me tasting lots of delicious stuff and making weird faces it will be broadcast on the 5th of October at 8.25pm.”

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