Melin Edomwonyi

16 December 2020

“Hi, I’m Melin. I am a joyful, silly, hard-working, giving, caring, loving, ever growing, creative woman.
I’m a mix of Turkish and Nigerian Heritage. Born in Turkey, studied in England, and found myself in Wales. I have bloomed into the woman I am today in Wales.

I’m a designer and I design a lot for arts and theatre organisations. I also run CreativeMornings/Cardiff, we are a part of the world’s biggest creative community.

I feel like Wales is an underdog but I never stop being surprised by the creative community and talent we have here. For me it’s important to keep producing good work just as much as sharing and amplifying the incredible creativity we have here in Wales. This is a personal passion of mine that I get to channel into CreativeMornings and showcase through my work.

I was never interested in maths or science despite how much my dad wanted me to be good at them to survive in the system. I had a lack of attention for anything too academic. I was drawn to TV, advertising and art which led me to graphic design. I wanted to do design so I went for it (against all odds).

Like I said I’m tired of our creative community and talent being overlooked. I know that we have the talent, I know that we have an amazing city here, I know we do great work. We have been hearing from the creative community that they wanted to bring the Cardiff Design Festival back. It was an enjoyable challenge to take on. I’m grateful that Owen Moseley has trusted me and Dan Spain to bring the festival back to our city.

The biggest challenge for me personally is to focus on one thing when I have this drive to keep learning, and expanding what I do. I have so many things I want to learn, get better at and share with others. Pacing myself to do so is my biggest challenge.

As CreativeMornings Cardiff we organise an event each month, that includes an inspirational speaker, cups of great coffee and bumping into friends or making new friends (Virtually now, because if COVID). It means being able to make a small change in people’s days, weeks, lifes, ideas or perceptions. Knowing this may be happening to somebody in one of our events means the world to me and my awesome team. Bringing people together to share joy, laughter, love and stories of encouragement brings life to me every single month!

People and solving problems. If I can simplify a process, solve a problem for a brand or help people with my design skills, I’m happy!

Currently I’m really focused on my UX Design work. I’m very very excited to be growing our UX Department @illustratedigital. UX is constantly evolving, and I want to be able to be able to cover all grounds and deliver more accessible experiences.So a lot of learning for me and growing for us! I’m also super excited about @liltitsy which is a brand new adventure with my long term design partner and homey Esma (@uyurum). Lil Titsy is our creative outlet, it’s a way to express ourselves and to encourage authentic expression and conversation. We care about making healthy choices, and care about the quality of our products. We’re at the beginning of what we hope will be a long journey 🙂

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