Rebecca Hammond

7 October 2020

“I am Rebecca Jade Hammond, a Cardiff born actress/Writer/ Lecturer and Artistic Director of Chippy Lane.

Predominantly my work is all about platforming Welsh and Wales-based artists with Chippy Lane. As an actress it’s about working on stage and in tele. As a writer it’s about telling Welsh stories that never get told. Being a creative woman is important to me because I strongly believe that more women need to hold AD positions and positions of greater influence in the arts. That is the only way we will effect real change.

I was drawn to producing and writing, to liberate – producing work for me and others to have greater opportunity. We run our Chippy Lane Podcast because it is an essential part of our mission to promote and platform emerging artists needing their voices amplified and to connect with other creative folk in the industry.

Feeling my passion and determination can sometimes be seen as intensity and aggression, mainly by men who have felt threatened by my persistence and drive to succeed. What empowers me most is that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve with hard work.

I will continue to write (for me), and run Chippy Lane’s online outreach work to give as many people opportunities to connect as possible.”

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